"Good, excellent we love it here." Bob D. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"I have lived in this community eight months. I'm happy staff is very attentive and excellent place." Sandra F. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"Middleton meets my expectations. It's well maintained and clean, the cost is very reasonable numerous activities to fit my needs. Pleasant and friendly staff." John C. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"Middleton Independent cottages have the right level of help and independence. They have dealt with Covid-19 well. The food is very good. The facility is well maintained." Richard R. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"Middleton is a beautiful building run by the most caring staff." Adrianne W. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"I have been treated well since I have been here." Thomas M. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"My wife moved into Middleton Senior Living, and I think it's been very good. Her room, I'd say, is about twelve-by-fifteen feet, including a bathroom. My children decorated it with furniture from our house and artwork. It's very pleasant. The place is very clean. She thinks the food is fine. The staff are very friendly and very helpful. We think she's well cared for there, and I think she's happy. It's fairly elegant and very, very well appointed; it has had some decorations. The outdoor spaces are very attractive and well kept. She has activities, games, and mild exercises with noodles and balloons, and she plays bingo and other games at the table. There are also movies, and I think that's about it. I haven't tried it to stay myself, but it looks as though it's quite good." Tommy (Caring.com)

"We love our cottage and the benefits of the main building. The food is great. The staff is professional and very friendly. I would encourage other family members and friends to move here!" Marshton T. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"I have been treated well since I have been here." Thomas M. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"Middleton is a beautiful building run by the most caring staff." Adrianne W. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"Middleton Independent Cottages have just the right level of help and independence. They have dealt with COVID-19 well. The food is very good. The facility is well maintained." Richard R. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"Middleton meets my expectations. It's well maintained and clean, the cost is very reasonable, numerous activities to fit any needs, pleasant and friendly staff." John C. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"I have lived in this community eight (8) months. I'm happy / staff is very attentive. Excellent place." Sandra F. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"Great place to work. Nice staff." Bob (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"Excellent. We love it here." Bill & Dot (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"This facility was great. It was colorful and no odors. The people were friendly and Kelly was great. The rooms and the cottages are roomy and painted a soft color. The cottages are fantastic." Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"Middleton Senior Living facility in Granville, Ohio is clean, neat, and a good place to live. This facility is well managed and compassionate to their residents. It is complete with all the necessary amenities. Plus some not so necessary. It is evident that residents are the first priority. A good place to live!" Gilbert F. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"Middleton is a beautiful facility and what makes Middleton special is the staff! They truly care for their residents and families! A very special group of people at Middleton, who are kind and caring." Mary W. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"I have lived here for the last seven months. This is a wonderful place to live. The staff is composed of the most caring, attentive, and outstanding personnel. The food is selected with care, the activities are age-appropriate, and the facility is kept very clean. Whatever one could possibly hope for is to be found here." Susan W. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"My wife has moved into Middleton. I chose it because it's close to home. The move-in experience is great. The staff is very professional and very approachable. You can ask them to do something and they do it. Food is good. She doesn't eat very much and is on a liquid diet. The facility is excellent. I like its size. It's just a big building on one floor." William (Caring.com)

"I want to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for Middleton, the wonderful place my parents call home. The Middleton staff has been excellent in all facets of my parents' experience, making their Independent Living cottage both an enjoyable and comforting place to live. Having been in the Granville community for decades, my parents were so thankful they could remain here, among family and friends, in a setting that has taken away the stressful aspects of living at their old house. I know my sisters are in agreement on all this, and we feel so lucky Middleton arrived when it did, where it did, right here in Granville!

I would be remiss if I did not bring up the fireworks. What a wonderful way to celebrate the 4th of July by providing senior residents a front row seat to such a fantastic display. I know the residents were deeply appreciative of Middleton taking the initiative to provide this for them and carry on a tradition that has existed in this town for many, many decades. I think all the residents, my parents included, will always remember the 4th of July of 2020 as one where they were so lucky to see such a brilliant display of fireworks out under the stars, when everything else was cancelled. I personally am so thankful to Middleton for being a place that is more concerned about their residents than red tape.

The final thing I would say is that while no place is absolutely perfect, Middleton is pretty close. The safety protocols they quickly put in place and maintained were immensely reassuring to me and my sisters. Knowing that strict rules were in place to help avoid any possible exposure within the Middleton campus was very reassuring. Their proactive approach from the beginning and ongoing vigilance of this very serious issue with COVID-19 has been excellent in my opinion as well.

Thank you again, Middleton, for all that you have done and continue to do to make my parents' golden years truly golden." Anonymous Family Member

"Great move for us. We are very happy!" Sara and Jack K. 

"No complaints. Good!" Roy B. 

"Great service and great food." Frank C. 

"Beautiful new cottages!" JNV 

"I just want to thank you again for the programs you put on once a month. Caregiving is challenging to say the least, but I've looked forward to every program you have done. The reason is that I always, ALWAYS learn something I can use. You present good speakers and you also allow the group to share ideas. It's been so very helpful. I can't wait for this sickness to let up enough that we can come to meetings. I also appreciate the fact that, with this sickness, you've been nice enough to call and check on us, and to take time with me when I need it. You give me good, useful advice. You truly are a blessing." Thelma T. 

"Thanks so much, Debbie! Our prayers are with you all. We will be sending in treats for all of you and for Mom. We will call first and just leave them in the space between first two front doors. Bob and I are staying away from any facilities since we are considered elderly. We will use latex gloves when dropping stuff off. Thanks so much for all that you are doing to keep our loved ones safe! It is much appreciated. Loved the picture of Mom saying she's fine. Brought tears and a smile to my face." Debbie 

"Thank you and your staff for everything you are doing."Billie N.Z. 

"Debbie, thanks for your leadership. We all certainly appreciate what staff must be going through. Please extend my thanks to all of the staff and let them know our thoughts are with them." Fred H. 

"We wish to thank you and every staff member for the 'courageous and gallant' efforts being made for our loved ones! There is no way to express our thankfulness. We are so blessed that Roger, my stepdad, is there at Middleton! Many thoughts and prayers for you and your staff." Sue and Roger A. 

"Staying on site is a great idea. Thanks for taking this step to keep our loved ones safe. Please pass along my thank you to your staff. I realize this is a sacrifice for them and their families. God bless." Mike F. 

"Thank you, Debbie. I know that this is a hard decision. We so appreciate all staff that is doing this and the sacrifice they are making! If there is anything that we can do to help, please let us know. Again, thank you for all you're doing to keep the residents well. God bless you all." Steve and Beth F.

"Thanks so much for the update. But even more, thanks so much to you and your incredible staff for the heroic efforts you all are undertaking to take care of our loved ones and keep them safe. We couldn't be more grateful--THANK YOU! To all of you and yours: stay safe, be well and THANK YOU." Terry M. 

"Debbie, thank you for keeping us so well informed and for the incredible job you and your staff are doing for our loved ones in this very difficult tie. I am beyond grateful that you allowed mom to be off quarantine today. She went to lunch in the dining room to see her friends and played bingo. When I spoke to her after, she sounded better than she has in two weeks. You are all in my prayers! Take care of yourselves, please, while you take care of everyone else." Ann S. 

"I think of you daily. I know the craziness of what is going on right now has some very real challenges for you and the rest of the Middleton staff. My thoughts and prayers go out to you. The quality of care at Middleton was a step above and I know you are all striving to maintain that in a very difficult situation. I consider myself very fortunate to not be agonizing over how my mom is doing during this time of crisis. It's so crazy that now when so many have lots of free time, we can't use it to aid all of you. Although my free time ended a week ago when the group I volunteer with (Turban Project) got slammed with requests for face masks from all over the country, as well as requests for our patterns and other resources. Best wishes for keeping your sanity and staying safe. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

P.S. I still 'creep' on Middelton through Facebook...can't help myself. You and the entire Middleton staff are truly heroes!!! Thank you for going above and beyond to take care of your residents! What you do each and every day is truly amazing!!! There was never a doubt in my mind that you guys would do that...just another reason to love Middleton." Bet B. 

"I want to thank you. My father, Gilbert, is a resident in your assisted living area. He has been sharing with me all that you and all of your staff and volunteers have been doing to ensure the safety of the residents there at Middleton. I can not imagine the pressure you are all under. And the fact that staff and volunteers have volunteered to be quarantined there for safety of the residents is over and above the call of duty. I can’t thank you enough for all that you are doing. I would have called but I figure you are very busy. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you." Cindy R.

"Thank you again to all the employees and staff that made my dad feel so welcomed and loved. Your facility was such a joy in his life and he loved it there. Your complex is what an assisted living facility should be like; fun, great place to meet new friends, plenty of interesting things to do and most of all; compassion, love and friendship. Blessings to you all." Cheryl B.

"Today we celebrate our one year anniversary with Middleton! Best decision we ever made. Thank you for taking such good care of Mother! Your Christmas luncheon was super." JR H.

"My mother is very happy living at Middleton. She enjoys many of the activities, including the exercise classes, balloon volleyball, bingo, entertainers, and outings in the Middleton van. She has made many new friends and looks forward to joining them in the beautiful dining room for meals. Mom’s room and private bath are perfect for her. I love that every member of the staff knows my mother’s name. The servers in the dining room not only know her name, they know she loves ketchup on EVERYTHING. The nursing staff is caring, knowledgeable and extremely competent, and I appreciate how well they keep me informed. We really enjoy the many family events Middleton hosts each year. The recent Oktoberfest was really fun. Every time I walk into the front door at Middleton, I am greeted like family, and am so happy knowing my mother is there living happily and safely." Ann S. (Caring.com) 

"Having the option of Independent Living Cottages is very helpful for my family members who are transitioning from their home. The newly built apartments are spacious with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a 1 car garage. There is a full kitchen but they have access to three meals a day in the Middleton restaurant. Utilities are also included in the rent. We are happy that our family members have decided to move to the Middleton community as they can easily transition to Assisted Living and Memory Care when needed. They are very social and friendly and they will benefit from the wide range of activities, events, field trips, and other social interactions that Middleton provides." K. Family (Caring.com) 

Middleton Thank you"Dear Debbie and the entire Middleton Staff: We find it difficult to adequately express our thanks and appreciation for the care you and your team extended to our Mother over the past three years, and especially in the last six months of her life. It is impossible to imagine how care needs can change over time, but this is the world we and you live in and the Middleton staff were simply exceptional in their professionalism and in their personal concern and attention to the well-being of our mother. This made all the difference in the world to us--there was never a time we questioned her environment or safety, and her personal care, and no matter how far away we at times were, we were always comforted knowing that no matter what our mother was going through, she was in the best place she could be."

"We simply could not have made a better choice for our Mother's final years and we want to express our sincerest thanks to you and the entire Middleton team and community for the care and support you provided."

There are too many to thank individually, and we unfortunately do not know all the names, so we kindly ask that you please pass this message on to your whole team, because we know everyone pitched in for the care of our Mother. Thank you again and God bless the work that you and the team at Middleton do." Steve, Mark and Ted M. 

"In the summer of 2015, I researched and visited multiple assisted living facilities looking for a forever home for Mom. I stumbled upon Middleton and after visiting with Debbie I knew my search was over. I immediately loved the genuine care and concern shown and knew I had found the right place. We had to wait almost 9 months for the facility to be completed, but it was definitely worth the wait! We found the perfect home for Mom, and along with it, came a new extended family made up of the staff and residents who we immediately began to think of as our own. A big shout out to everyone who makes Middleton so amazing!"

"Debbie, thank you for the great leadership you provide and all you do every day to make Middleton such a special place. Because of your guidance, the staff not only provided Mom with great care, but she also received social and emotional support that I could never have given her. The Middleton staff was amazing...it enabled me to enjoy the time Mom and I had together, knowing that each time I left she was cared for in the best possible way."

"Jan, Kim, Max and the office staff-thank you for your friendship, the smiles, greetings and visits we shared as well as always finding an answer to the many questions I had."

"Ed and Tim, thank you for your patience in fixing Mom's broken TV each time she forgot how to use the remote."

"The Housekeeping staff, thank you for the care you showed in taking care of Mom's room each week and cleaning up after the many accidents she had."

"Sandy and the waitress staff, thank you for your patience and always making sure Mom had her bagel for breakfast (often two times), as well as her grilled cheese sandwich and chocolate ice cream each day."

"Patty and Cheryl and all the activity staff, thank you for encouraging Mom and keeping her involved in the many activities you provided. From balloon volleyball, to Bingo, to crafts, outings, and of course the amazing parties you threw, there was something for her each day. But of course, the best part of her day was Happy Hour! Patty, thank you for making that such a fun time, not only for the residents, but for their families as well. I will truly miss that fun!"

"To Ashley, Stephanie, Shayla and the rest of the nursing staff, thank you for caring for Mom. Your wonderful nursing skills along with the patience, compassion and love you showed her every day helped me to sleep each night knowing she was being cared for in the best possible way!"

"And finally to Lynn and Kelly, I could not have walked this path without you! No matter what was happening, you always had time for my questions and concerns, provided great guidance, and I knew Mom was receiving the best care possible. Kelly, your wonderful humor always put a smile on my face and helped me to put things back into perspective. Your friendship and kindness was invaluable to me at the most difficult times. You will always have a special place in my heart! I have learned that it takes a village to care for an aging parent and Middleton was the perfect village for Mom! I will truly miss the extended family we found at Middleton. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I miss you all!!" Diane S. 

"My mom moved into Middleton in January and has enjoyed herself. She loves the food and wasn't eating at home, so we are so thankful. The staff is so friendly and bends over backwards to help and include the residents. Max, Cheryl and Jan are fabulous...can't remember everyone's names. We love that they are being taken to concerts on the green and have programs in house." Linda A. 

"Where do you start to express the BEST experience for your parents??? From the office personnel, and their attention to detail...to the nursing and care personnel, and their kindness and expertise...to the restaurant personnel and chefs, and their daily attention to each and every resident's likes...I was, and still am, blown away. Too many good experiences to list!" Bill B.

"Dealing with the loss of one who was so special to me is very difficult. I wanted to make sure that you knew how important Middleton was to mom and especially to me. When mom first arrived to the AL side, she was welcomed by all your staff, the aides, nurses, hairdresser and cafeteria staff, as well as the custodial staff was always helpful, kind and cheerful to her. She felt like she belonged. I was so confident that she would be happy there. All of you in the front offices, (Debbie, Max, Cathy, Jan and others), were always friendly and helpful to me. I, too felt like I belonged."

"My mom and I enjoyed the many activities your activity personnel planned for residents. We especially enjoyed hanging out at the pub singing songs (yea, Patty), the music performances by the regular singers and special guests from Granville schools. Each special occasion dinner (Thanksgiving, Easter, Luau, etc.) was so much fun and something Mom, my brother and I looked forward to. I have many pictures to help me remember those fun times."

"As Mom's dementia became more and more of an issue, and her confusion and anxiety increased, it was with great tact that Kelly talked with me about moving her to the Memory Care Unit. This was the greatest thing for Mom, and for me. I can never explain how important Kelly is to your unit and to me. Her compassion, humor and knowledge round out the love she feels and shows to each person in Memory Care. I hope you realize what a treasure she is! The aides and nurses in the unit were incredible to Mom and me. They could tell how much she had lost, but still treated her like family. They laughed when she was silly and were gentle, kind and loving no matter how many times she asked the same questions or was confused. It takes an incredible spirit to work with dementia residents. Getting Mom into Hospice was also an easy transition and so incredible."

"During those last weeks, all of us could recognize how much Mom was failing and yet every member of Middleton was so supportive to me and caring toward Mom. With tears streaming down my face, I can't possibly thank you and your staff enough for showing your love and respect for her. More than 15 workers (from the cafeteria, aides, nurses and activity people) came to see her one last time for a hug or kiss. Some were lucky enough to get that smile or hug back. What a tribute to her and a testament of your incredible Middleton family."

"Everywhere I go, I compliment the job you all do at Middleton and that it's the perfect place for many as they age. My sincerest thanks. I will miss you all." Lisa D. 

"The staff is wonderful and always very helpful. Memory unit is run very efficiently and staff is very kind and gentle with residents. My loved one received excellent care while a resident. Middleton has an Alzheimer's support group and a bereavement support group. Both are run by kind, compassionate people. Many activities take place daily for the residents to participate in. I would recommend Middleton to anyone seeking a place for memory care, independent living or assisted living." Carol H. 

"I have volunteered at Middleton for many parties and have also visited Middleton with my guitar to play for the residents. The staff was very nice and engaged with the residents. It was very clean and the atmosphere is always so fun!" Kate H. 

"Middleton Senior Living is a beautiful facility. It is very clean and pleasant. The staff is very friendly and professional and is truly willing to help in any way. They all address the residents by their names and make you feel welcome. There are many activities for the residents to participate in. The dining room is large and enjoyable. There is an on-site beauty shop, chapel, exercise room and theater. I highly recommend Middleton for your home." Carolyn V. 

"Where do you start to express the BEST experience for your parents??? From the office personnel and their attention to detail...to the nursing and care personnel and their kindness and expertise....to the restaurant personnel and chefs for their daily attention to each and every resident's preferences. I was and still am blown away. Too many good experiences to list! " Bill B.

"We are overwhelmed by your generosity. Your facility is and has been a Godsend for our father, Robert. At 91 going on 92 in March, the past two years have kept him alive and well."

"Your staff is the greatest. Everyone is so kind and considerate. The facility is neat and clean, always tidy and beautifully decorated for each season. The activities are so much fun and the food is the best as evidenced by your turnout each time. Having to limit the number of guests is evidence of that and the Thanksgiving that grew and grew was spectacular."

"I haven't been able to be at Middleton much this past year, but never have a doubt or concern that Dad is getting the best care and that the staff, from the receptionist to the nurse, are only a phone call away to answer any and all questions. Even the outside doctor and physical therapist you have recommended have been exceptional."

"We are deeply grateful and forever in your debt. May God bless each and every one of you and may your business continue to grow as you serve the elderly." Kay S., Kathy M. and Ken J.

"The Octoberfest party was just wonderful! It was great to see the enthusiasm the entire staff had the week before prepping for the party. The food, decorations and entertainment made for such a memorable night. Thank you for going above and beyond!"

"Also want to thank you and your staff for all they do each day to make Middleton such a great home for Mom. I have been very pleased with the care she has received. Your staff is filled with good people! They have been helpful, friendly and always go the extra mile to engage in conversation with her, as well as help the family as we try to meet her needs. They work each day to make Mom feel independent yet receive the care she needs! I could not be happier with the decision we made to move Mom to Middleton...it was definitely worth the wait!!!"

"Once again... Thank you for all you do to make Middleton such a special place. We are so grateful that Mom has been able to become a part of your family!" Diane S.

"My wife passed away in 2016. I have only one child who wanted me to live with her. She has four teenagers at home, so I didn't want to upset their life. But my daughter wanted me to be close to her, so she suggested Middleton. I arrived April 1st and everything has been wonderful. I've had two strokes and I needed good healthcare. I get that here. I have met numerous friends and every night I eat with the same bunch. Food is good here, a lot of activity to keep me busy. I love this place!!" Tom G.

"We have a breakfast group that meets every other month at Middleton. Max, the Middleton Community Relations Director and the staff do an outstanding job in hosting us. The food and facilities are very good." Dave830854 (caring.com)

"I have been employed at Middleton Senior Living for four years. I could not be happier. Management has supported me all through nursing school and have pushed me to do better....Management truly cares for their employees and residents. Very family oriented." Indeed Review

"This company is absolutely fabulous to work for. They treat their employees with respect and dignity. The management, wellness director and executive director are super caring, helpful and understanding. This is the perfect job for someone who has dedication, is caring, kind and for people who like to do meaningful, hard work, even when it gets tough. You will love the wellness director and executive director, who both make you feel a part of their extended family and right at home." Team Member 

"This community has many activities, the food is wonderful with lots of selections. Every one that works here is very helpful and friendly and we are very happy we have chosen it." M.E. Chards

"Middleton Senior Living is a beautiful facility. The staff member who gave me the tour was very helpful, caring and answered all my questions. The dining area was very nice. There were a lot of activities and they were interacting with the residents there. They were playing games." Pam (Caring.com)

"Our family is very pleased with my father's move to this community. It is a very nice place with great people. We know he is safe and receiving great care. I do not live in the same state, but I have gotten nothing but positive reports from our family. It is an excellent community and I would recommend it." Anonymous (APlaceForMom.com)

"Middleton kind of had all those aspects that I was looking for for my mom. For instance a lot more normal kind of lifestyle things: the club, the happy hour, the ability to go out, outdoor living, which is really important to my mom. And she had the ability to choose from the options that they had here. Dining that would allow you to order from a menu, those kinds of things."

"I think that because with mother here, I feel that it's given her some safety, some security, while still honoring her independence. And that's been a comfort for me, that I'm not thinking she's by herself. She's very social and she has lots of friends. Lots of activities, which she did not have in her condo. My husband and I were her social outlets, probably for quite a while." Kathy W.

"Couldn't have asked for a better place to work and start a career. Everyone is a team player and asked to continue to do their best for the sake of our residents. Most appreciated compared to any other work environment." Team Member 

"The community is great, my father really likes being here. He enjoys the food. There is a wide variety to choose from. He participates in the activities. The staff here is wonderful. It is very well kept and clean. I have no complaints and neither does my fathers." Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com) 

"Well, I had four things in mind. One was, these apartments look so small, when I was living in a big house and I was looking at empty shells. Two, I was hoping to find a compatible group of people with whom I would have meals three times a day. I was looking for reasonably good food. And I was looking for a competent but friendly staff." Andy S.

"After trying several facilities, Dad finally has a home! Dad is a resident of McCune Hall, the memory care section of Middleton. The administrators are professional, caring and supportive during the relocation process. The nursing staff and STNAs are attentive and respond quickly when he calls for assistance and the communication between staff and family is exceptional. The facility is new, clean and welcoming to visitors. He is very happy, and we are relieved to have Dad living where we know he is safe and cared for." Tracy M.

"I felt I should make the change. I was getting older, my husband and I are getting older, I have a big home. And so I thought I should make that change. And I saw this building going up and what I saw I liked. Opening day, I came and I fell in love with it. From the management all the way down, absolutely great."

"The chapel I do appreciate having because I visited it the other day and they have a mass every last Friday of the month. I look forward to that and that's a nice feeling right there. And if I have nothing better to do, I walk up to the chapel and there's always someone there having a service. That's a nice feeling, too." Dot H.

"Best community I have ever been in. I get a lot of help." Irene W.

"It was harder for me to get around and i couldn't drive. And so my niece and I decided, it was time for me to find a place where I could have companionship. I just love getting up and coming to the restaurant and having something to eat and not having to worry about my food and the weather of getting out and doing the dishes." Virginia O.

"My father, who is 94, moved to Middleton in May of 2016 after living independently. It was his choice after seeing the beautiful facility to make his move to assisted living. The staff has been outstanding with attention to every detail of his needs."  Marilyn155526 (caring.com)

"I feel she is safe. They are so patient with our loved ones. The get the residents involved. The staff call residents by their names. They smile and say hello. It takes special people to work with memory care people. They are that special. I can sleep!" Max442033 (caring.com)

"The building is well-designed and very functional. The interior is extremely wide, decorated, attractive and clean. The administrative staff is efficient, open to suggestions, and involved to an unusual extent. The nursing staff is a really caring group, very attentive and helpful and all of the nurses, waiters and aides are supportive and cheerful. The residents seem to be content and satisfied with the food and activities. What a great day it was when I found Middleton!" June H.

"I like everything about this community. It is well maintained and always clean. My mom enjoys activities such as book club. The meals are perfectly portioned and mom says it's very good. The staff is very respectful, caring and they provide all that is needed for mom. I would recommend this community to others." Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"Middleton is a very nice place for people who need help to maintain everyday living. Very nice people who care about each person here." Robert J.

"A warm and friendly place. Everyone is caring and helpful. The facility is beautiful with many things for the resident to do." Anonymous (APlaceForMom.com)

"Things are going well for my mother since she moved to this community. The staff is all friendly and the meals are great. We have not found anything that needs to be improved." Anonymous (APlaceForMom.com) 

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